Taman Festival, Sanur - Abandoned Amusement Park, Bali

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Before heading to Bali I'd heard about abandoned aircrafts and after a bit more research found this place- an abandoned amusement park in Sanur (about 50 minutes drive from where I'm currently staying in Canggu) and knew I had to check it out. I headed in with my new friend Aidan to go exploring. The park is really easy to access but be prepared for the mosquitos and sandflies! Even after dowsing myself in insect repellent I came away with some fresh bites.

Development stopped just before the rides were put in due to financial issues so it's mostly just overgrown buildings and graffiti covered walls but there is a spooky pitch black theatre room which no one has lasted longer then 30 mins in by themselves and the grounds are haunted so I was told by a local!

There is also a fake volcano and the remains of a croc pit- rumour has it when construction on the park came to a holt , the owners left the crocodiles there to become wild. Unfortunately (thankfully) I didn't see any crocs roaming the grounds.

The park is located right by the ocean and you can here the waves crashing from inside the buildings.

Best to allow a few hours to really explore the whole park and arrive before sun down. I think it would be quite chilling to be there at night time! Worth the venture if you enjoy exploring abandoned buildings.

Check out the video up the top in HD. Some gopro footage I got while I was there. Subscribe to my YouTube channel @daisydoes_ for future videos!

Daisy xx