Konnichiwa from Japan!

Day 1 and 2 in a nutshell

Late last night my friend Tayla and I arrived in Tokyo. Japan has been on my top 3 list of places to travel since the moment I knew I wanted to see the world and its still surreal to think I'm actually here... pinch me! Although I'm feeling pretty run down with the flu I've still managed to cram in a fair bit in the last (less than) 48 hours. Here's a quick wrap up.


Nine Hours Capsule Hotel

Our accomodation is so cool and futuristic, I literally feel like I'm straight out of the Black Mirror 'Fifteen Million Merits' episode- in a good way though! Upon arrival you're given a little kit which includes a towel, pyjamas, toothbrush, slippers, hotel pass and face cloth. The reason I say it's a little like a Black Mirror ep is because everyone is in matching black set pyjamas, no one really socialises and the capsules are all identical with numbers by each bed. 


The capsules also kind of look like little ovens to me, haha but I'm into it! It's actually a really comfortable sleep, the staff are friendly and helpful and it's in a prime location- a 2 minute walk to Shin-Okubo station and a 10 minute walk from the heart of Shinjuku. Also the view from the 8th floor is pretty phenomenal!


Takeshita Street

This hot spot shopping street in Harajuku is insanely busy but actually has some great little stores and also tonnes of crepe joints...who doesn't love crepes?! Though, if you venture down some of the back alleys and walk all the way down to the end and turn right you'll find some really cool 90's/vintage/recycled stores there for pretty sweet prices and a lot less crowded.


K Pop Central

Shin-Okubo is Korean Pop central and I've decided I'm totally okay with this. Tayla and I didn't realise this until last night when we stumbled into a Korean restaurant for dinner which was decked out in K Pop posters. After exploring the streets a little more today you can really feel the K Pop vibe- they've got the tunes pumping in every store, video clips on the tv's, advertisements on the billboards, Korean dining and merchandise for days! I think the guys are total androgynous babes and I'm thinking I'll be coming back home a fan.


More to follow within the next few days. Sorry for the average iPhone pics, going to take my camera out for a spin tomorrow. Sayonara!

Daisy xx