So Tayla and I have been in Japan now for just over a week and have seen a handful of wild things. Thought I'd share some of my personal highlights.

Robot Restaurant, Shinjuku

This place definitely lives up to it's reputation. It's worth every cent and a must when in Tokyo. Entry is 8000 yen (roughly $90 AUD per person). They ask you to arrive before the show 40 minutes early which gives you access to the bar on the 2nd level which is INSANELY cool and decked out in all things shiny, reflective and colourful. The cocktails there are delicious and very reasonably priced- about $8 AUD a pop. Best to book in advance as well. It's sold out almost every night and for a good reason!


Monkey in a suit, Saga-Arashiyama Station

Enough said... it's a monkey in a suit. Crazy! Only in Japan.


Yayoi Kusama- My Soul Forever exhibition at Forever Museum of Contemporary Arts, Gion-Kyoto


I love this woman. Her art blows my mind. I was so grateful I got to see it in the flesh again and in Japan. The exhibition entry is 1200 yen (roughly $14 AUD) and unfortunately you aren't permitted to take photos past the first room. But I guess that makes it extra special! The pumpkin installation can be viewed just outside of the museum though if you're on a budget and are looking for a cute photo op. The exhibition is running until the 25th of February, 2018.


Bidets- Japanese style toilets

At first glance they look pretty normal but as soon as you enter the room the lid automatically opens and your bottom is greeted with a toasty warm feeling. Yep, the toilet seats are heated. Some have taps to wash your hands after on top (like the one pictured), some give you the option to play music if you'd rather not let the person next door hear you while you go about your business and all of them have the water spray option for the front and the rear. You can use the toilet hands free and some bidets even give you a hot air dry option if you'd rather not drip dry or use the toilet paper provided. Most of the bidets I've seen/used have clear instructions on which buttons do what but some are trickier than others and you kind of have to press a few different buttons and hope for the best. It's 2017 and I can't keep up but I'm gonna miss the heated toilet seats when I'm back in cold Australia in a weeks time.


Daisy xx